Baby/Toddler: Caterpillar and Butterfly Dresses

Red Thread features wonderful designs for little girls aged 0-3 years.  All of our dresses feature rich vibrant colour and gorgeous prints, and they coordinate beautifully with our bright bamboo tops. All are lovely and practical natural/locally made gifts.

Our most popular design for this age group is our Caterpillar Dress. Named for its ability to transform from a baby dress on a one-year-old to a shorter dress on a two-year-old and then a swing top on a three (or sometimes four) year-old, it can often be worn for as long as three years! They look great alone, layered, with tights, shorts, or jeans. This is a fabulous wardrobe staple that will really stand the test of time, and it makes a very stylish and practical gift. approved

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