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Are you making or buying your Halloween costume?

If your kids are anything like my kids, their adrenaline levels have already gone up in anticipation of Halloween, their favourite holiday, now just a few days away. But what about the stress of having the perfect costume? What’s the best approach, making one or buying one? The clock is ticking… Two of my children, a.k.a. Store-bought Pirate and Handmade Wonder Woman, in a battle for costume supremacy This morning I was interviewed on CBC Radio’s morning show Metro Morning,* talking about DIY costumes. So yesterday, I did my research by asking the experts (my three daughters) what they thought the advantages were of making your own. Here’s what they said: 1) It’s less expensive (more money left over to spend on candy!). 2) It’s more creative – you can be whatever you want. You don’t have to just choose from what’s available in the store. And even if you want to do something traditional, you can make it look exactly the way you want it to look. 3) It’s a fun activity to do together. But the advantage they identified as being #1 in their eyes really struck me: “It’s more special.” While listing off their costumes from years [...]

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