From the mouths of babes


Who really knows what children think their parents do all day? Do they understand what our jobs are? Wonder if we enjoy working?

Just before going back to school this week, I found a huge pile of schoolwork from last term in my 10-year-old daughter's knapsack. One page caught my eye - an assignment analyzing "Media Text." The piece she chose to analyze: the Red Thread Business Card (she redesigned it first, adding several lovely images she drew of girls posing, wearing dresses).

At the end of her fascinating analysis, she is asked for a personal opinion of the media piece. This is what she wrote, letter for letter:

"I will totaly buy her stuff and I think her form of media is remarcabel, it has a message, what phone number and email, where to order and when and why and who from, she macks lots of money and she is happy!"

I can't stop smiling.

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