Showing my cards

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I’ve been holding my cards pretty close to my chest lately – usually at this point in the year I’ve revealed all of my new designs for winter, invited all of my customers to visit me at the One of a Kind Show, and fully updated my website. It’s down to the wire, after all. In two weeks I’ll be in Guelph at the Fair November Show for 4 days, and then straight to the setup for the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. So what am I doing?

Well, I’m sewing. I’m sewing dresses, but I’m also whipping up some lovely soft baby quilts (more about them later) and I’m having a great time sewing cards! Who knew that sewing fabric to paper could be so gratifying? As you might well imagine, I have a lot of fabric. And when I really love a fabric, I can’t throw out the scraps (my husband would tell you that this is NOT a good thing). So I’ve been sewing patchwork cards. The fronts look like this, but each one is different:

Four quilted cards

And the backs are each stamped with the Red Thread proverb. They look like this:

red thread quilted cards_back

I love the way that little proverb reminds us that we’re all connected to each other. I hope it’s a message that gets spread around when people share these cards with their friends and families.

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