Past Sewing Camp Example: Recycled Treasures


I am offering two weeks of sewing camp this summer, with completely different themes and activities (so you can join us for one or more). Warning: sewing camp can be addictive!  

The camps take place in my home in the Danforth/East York neighbourhood of Toronto. They are ideal for kids who really want to sew. We do a variety of different activities, and build our skills quickly. Creativity is encouraged, and each child is given lots of attention and encouragement. In the afternoon we go outside and play for awhile, so there is time to move and be active to balance all the focused creative work we do each day.

Recycled treasures will be our theme from August 24-28. We'll be playing with old jeans, sweaters, and other awesome materials to create beautiful new treasures; clothing, home decor, and art! We will build our construction skills, practice machine sewing, and do some beautiful hand embroidery. We'll enjoy the thrill of making practical and fun things we can use, and let our creativity soar. This week is sure to build up everyone's sewing and design skills while having lots of fun and being super creative. You send a lunch, and I provide snacks and all materials/supplies. Ages 8-14, $425 + HST. 

You can sign up online here, or contact me directly at Either way, I will contact you with a more detailed registration form. Space is very limited, so if you are interested please contact me ASAP.

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